We Use a Variety of Machines for Metal Fabrication:


Southeastern Tool and Die has 5 Trumpf Laser machines and 1 Messer High Definition Plasma for metal cutting. Each laser is equipped with either a 3000 or 4000 watt resonator and is capable of cutting up to 1" thick carbon steel. We use both static and dynamic nesting of our laser, plasma, and punch programs to reduce the amount of scrap left in the sheet after cutting.

At Southeastern Tool and Die we laser aluminum, stainless steel, and various grades of carbon steel here at Southestern Tool and Die, Inc.. We also can modify the laser bed with fixtures to laser tubing and other non-flat surfaces. 

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Plasma Cutting

The Messer High Definition Plasma is capable of cutting up to 3” thick steel and has a bed size of 10’ x 24’.

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Southeastern Tool and Die operates a Trumpf TC-500 Turret Punch for rapid full sheet punching. For parts with a lot of holes for ventilation or other needs, the Trumpf turret punch offers multi tool capability and can perforate sheets in less time a laser can cut the same holes. By combining the laser’s precision edge cutting ability with the Punch’s high speed perforation and louvering ability, we can utilize both in the same process line.


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Brake Press

We perform Air Bending, Bottoming, Coining, and have sub-contractors that offer Roll Bending. Our Brake Press methodology is based on the tolerances and quantity to be formed.

Air Forming offers the lowest cost with high yield in forming parts because it utilizes tools that are available. The same punch and die can be used for a multitude of angles and radiuses with tolerances open to 0.5 to 1.5mm (.020” to .060”). For parts with tighter tolerances, we can make or obtain special coining punches and dies.

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Southeastern Tool and Die offers GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), Spot Welding, and Robotic Welding. We make our own weld fixtures that act as check guages to verify the parts are correct.

Our lead welders are AWS-certified and we currently use the Hobart Institute of Weld Technologies as our approving body. we have access to AWS certified CWI (Certified Weld Inspector)

Our welders can weld in the common positions — Flat, Vertical, Horizontal, and Overhead. We have Weld PQR’s certified for triple, double, and single pass welds on materials as thin as 6 gauge and up to 2” thick.

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